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Rugby destroys Brown, 66-3

(11/03/98 11:00am)

After clinching the New England Premier League title last Saturday, the DRFC entered yesterday's game against Brown with two goals. The first was to finish undefeated in the Premier League for the fifth consecutive year. The second was to get ready for next week's Northeast playoffs with a peak team performance. The Big Green achieved both goals as seven players scored tries to lead Dartmouth to a 66-3 win over the Bears.

What Is a Ghetto Party, Anyway?

(11/03/98 11:00am)

With my forehead crinkled and my pinkie nail between my teeth, my eyes shifted back and forth across the items hanging in my closet. Tugging a shirt out of the mangled mess, I examined it for a few moments, then sighed and dropped it onto the disheveled pile forming on my bed. Asked to go to a sorority-fraternity "ghetto party," I was supposed to find some "ghetto" clothes in the 20 minutes or so before my friend knocked on my door and we took the chilly walk over to Webster Avenue. But what is a "ghetto party" anyway? I'm still having a hard time understanding.

All blood, no teeth: Carpenter's new vampire film bites: Although 'Vampires' supposedly breaks from the norm, the film still winds up cliched and poorly written

(11/02/98 11:00am)

Halloween is always the time when the ghouls and ghosts become Hollywood fodder. This year there has been an unusually large stable of horror flicks that have hit the movie theaters. Chuckie, the doll that wreaked havoc in the 80s, is back, and even Michael Myers of "Halloween" fame has made another appearance on the silver screen to attempt to frighten America one more time.

The Whole Story

(11/02/98 11:00am)

I want to write a book. I know, I know -- everyone wants to write a book. But the main difference between those people and me is that I wanted to write a book first . It's true! I have wanted to write a book ever since back when I thought that the four major food groups were blue crayons, white crayons, apple juice and dirt, especially if something in the dirt was moving. In the mold of the great Ernest Hemingway, whose timeless contributions to American literature include sitting in a restaurant in Spain and drinking himself to death while writing his most famous novel -- "On The Road by Jack Kerouac," I have always wanted to tell the world my story. Unfortunately, I never had a story.

'Cowboy' is one of best films ever

(10/30/98 11:00am)

Have you ever had a dream that was simply too big and too important? A dream that you just had to follow? Joe Buck, played by Jon Voight, has a dream like that. He wants to be a big-time gigolo in New York City. More than anything in life, Joe Buck is good at one thing, and that thing is screwing and he figures he's good enough at it to get paid for it in the classic film, "Midnight Cowboy."