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May 28, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Controversy Over Assembly's Funding Highlights Groups' Need for More Money

To the Editor:

I'm writing in response to the Dartmouth Editorial Board's criticism of the Student Assembly's gift of $5,000 to the Undergraduate Finance Committee ["A Misguided Gift," Oct. 29]. This is the second time in a year I have responded to one of the Editorial Board's rampages, and I ask again, is this criticism serving any purpose?

To an uninformed student, after reading the Board's column, the UFC seems like some subversive group that is conspiring to deprive underfunded student organizations of much needed money. Do the members of the Editorial Board know the members of the UFC? I can assure you that the members of the Student Assembly know them well. Therefore they know that the UFC is committed to student organizations and will do all it can in its power to distribute the extra money fairly. Do you think they would have given the UFC that $5,000 otherwise?

I think the problem this whole controversy has brought to the forefront is the lack of money available for groups that are working to improve student life and social options at Dartmouth.

As Programming Board co-chair I am going to fight my hardest for that $5,000, but so is every other group that is applying to the UFC for funding. If we really think about it, we should be ashamed of ourselves, ready to cut each others' throats for money. We are forced to scramble and squabble with one another because there never seems to be enough money to go around.

Instead of attacking student groups who are trying to make a difference and are working hard to benefit the entire campus, I think The Dartmouth would be more productive spending time investigating why student groups are so underfunded.

It certainly isn't the UFC or the Assembly's fault. They are doing their best with what they have to work with. Instead of criticizing the efforts of fellow students, I think the Editorial Board should criticize the College's lack of commitment to increase funding for the UFC. It would definitely make a much more interesting story than students with the same names as celebrities or fraternity pledge term traditions.