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Foreign Aid and the UN

(11/04/96 11:00am)

I was reading Cara Abercrombie '97's piece on Foreign Aid and the United Nations the other day and it really moved me. It moved me to the bathroom, where I had instant access to a barf receptacle. It really is sad. I remember thinking like an idealist when I was about six years old. I also thought there were elves under my bed with pointy shoes and magic canes, and I thought that one day I would take my rightful place among the Smurfs and finally kill off that pesky Gargamel.

What's The Big Deal About Rushing the Field?

(11/04/96 11:00am)

It is easy for most of us -- even those whose idea of a "huddle" is an early morning conversation at the water cooler -- to imagine what a thrill it must be to dash across an open football field, to hear a crowd roar its approval, to sense the approach of the goal line. However Dartmouth may be the only college in the country where one need not be a member of the football team to aspire to such an experience.

The Cutest Candidate Wins

(11/04/96 11:00am)

You gotta feel bad for Bob Dole. I mean, if I were a disabled war hero, an extremely influential member of Congress since the dawn of time and a morally upright hardworking American, I would be extremely annoyed at running a distant second to a smooth-talking, draft-dodging, skirt-chasing, scandal-ridden country boy like Bill Clinton. It's enough to make a young idealistic college student cranky, never mind someone four times that old; no wonder Dole always looks vaguely constipated. But that's politics, I guess, and both candidates have been in the business long enough to realize that that's the way it works. Things aren't always fair. So be it.

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