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Time Up For 'Internal Possession'

(11/01/94 11:00am)

This last term marked a dramatic increase in the number of Dartmouth students arrested for possession of alcohol. This trend can be adequately measured not by calling the cryptic Hanover Police department, but by attempting to sign up for the end result of a students arrest, the Hanover Alcohol Diversion Program. An eight-hour program with a $150 price tag, it is designed as an option to clear an underage citizen's record.

Virgins' cherries pop at ROcky Horror

(10/31/94 11:00am)

One of Halloween's lesser-known traditions has already come and gone in Hanover. While "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is viewed weekly in most major cities throughout the U.S. and Britain, it consistently attracts the most attention around Halloween when those notorious costumes become slightly more accessible. One could especially expect to see the aisles filled with imaginative varieties of face paint and campy drag outfits this time of the year, but at Webster Hall Saturday evening such revelry seemed largely confined to the floorshow.

18 Months for Murder

(10/31/94 11:00am)

Human life is worth less and less in the world we live in. We hear about murders and deaths almost to a point of comfortable numbness. More than 50 people die in a bizarre cult-like fashion, 22 die in a violent explosion by a terrorist bomb while they ride the bus to work and the list goes on and on.There are some deaths that we as a society have the ability to do something about and there are those which we are helpless to do anything about. When a murder is committed and the murderer pleads guilty, we have the obligation and duty as a society to put that person into jail for a long time.

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