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Theater department impresses with heart-wrenching 'Distance'

(11/22/05 11:00am)

"Soul-wrenching" isn't a word I like to throw around casually, but there is no adjective better suited to describe the two hours I spent in the Bentley Theatre on Sunday watching the theater department's production of Neil LaBute's "The Distance From Here." I walked into the theatre knowing nothing about the play, prepared for anything from melodrama to sidesplitting comedy. What I got was a raw, unblinking glimpse at humanity so profoundly tragic that I sat stunned in my seat even as the lights went up. LaBute's plays are known for their searing, jagged voice -- in this production, his material is gifted with a cast brave enough to embrace that voice and make it their own.

A pair of remarkable performances bolster 'Walk the Line'

(11/22/05 11:00am)

Up-and-coming musicians, unimaginable successes and catastrophic falls, critically lauded biopics which chronicle these successes and falls -- all are a dime a dozen in the entertainment world. Early on in the new film about Johnny Cash, "Walk the Line," Sam Phillips (Dallas Roberts), founder of Sun Records, interrupts Cash's audition when Cash begins to play a tired gospel song that was airing on the radio in 1955. After Phillips' interjection, Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) breaks into his signature sound, in the same manner as every other musician finding his or her own unique sound in every other movie of this sort.

East '06 finishes ninth in sailing's Nationals

(11/22/05 11:00am)

The weather was consistently pleasant for sailing team captain Emily East '06 this weekend, holding at 85 degrees in the Keehi Lagoon in Honolulu, Hawaii for the 2005 Women's Single Handed Nationals. East took full advantage of the favorable conditions, a sharp contrast to the clime during the majority of the fall season, finishing ninth in the nation.

No. 11 BC outmatches men's basketball

(11/22/05 11:00am)

The Dartmouth men's basketball team could not have scheduled a much more challenging opening to its 2005-06 season than a visit to Conte Forum to face the No. 11 Boston College Eagles. The Eagles returned four starters from last year's team, which opened its campaign with 20 consecutive victories. And when the final buzzer sounded Saturday night, all had gone as expected as bruising Preseason All-American power forward Craig Smith notched 22 points and nine rebounds to help the Eagles down the Big Green 80-61.

Staying Power Must be Recognized

(11/22/05 11:00am)

Several weeks ago, when Iran's new President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declared in a speech that "Israel must be wiped of the map," the world reeled in shock as if it expected more from the leader of a "civilized" government. However, despite the outcry, Ahmadinejad's words are really nothing to cough about. Frankly, they are old news. Arab leaders have been posturing and blustering for half a century about how they are going to drive the Jews into the sea (see Gamel Abdul Nasser) and, at least by my watch, all three major attempts have ended in ridiculous embarrassment for them.

The Potter-illiterate should avoid 'Goblet' like the plague

(11/21/05 11:00am)

I'll begin with a disclaimer: a Harry Potter fan I am not. I couldn't name the latest book in the series if my life depended on it. I think the word "muggle" is sort of dumb. When people try to make me see the error of my ways -- "They're not just kids' books! The plots are so good! I swear!" -- I secretly laugh at them.

Men's soccer to face St. John's in NCAA second round

(11/21/05 11:00am)

The 16th seeded Dartmouth men's soccer team followed Friday's first round NCAA games with great interest, as it was eagerly waiting to learn the name of its second round opponent. In an interesting encounter, St. John's (10-5-5) overcame Marist's (10-9-1) tough resistance with a 3-1 win. As a result St. John's will host the Big Green (10-2-5) in the second round of the tournament on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Men's hockey sends Brown, Yale home with losses

(11/21/05 11:00am)

If only the hockey season could have begun on November 12. That is what Dartmouth icers are saying to themselves after sweeping through Brown and Yale this weekend, extending their winning streak to three games. The Big Green (3-4, ECACHL 3-4), led by a career performance from team captain Mike Ouellette '06, outlasted the Bears 3-2 and, routed the Bulldogs 9-4.

Women's hockey ends losing streak, splits weekend

(11/21/05 11:00am)

The Dartmouth women's hockey team salvaged a split with Brown and Yale on the road this weekend, halting its losing streak at three. The power play continued to improve, and the offense yet again proved capable of creating numerous scoring opportunities. However, the goaltender position has turned into a question mark for the Big Green.