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Calling Planet Mac

(11/25/98 11:00am)

Recently I broke down and bought myself a new computer. Or should I say, my computer broke down, and I bought myself a new computer. If people who were prone to breaking down constantly bought themselves new computers each time they did, they would barely have enough money left to afford new purple neon jumpsuits. Or, for that matter, their organic chemistry textbooks.

Looking for a wedgie pick? 'J. Crewd' is the place

(11/24/98 11:00am)

It seems every time the mail is delivered, there is a J.Crew catalog hidden somewhere in the pile. While some may welcome this easy access to cotton chinos and waffle knits, others find the deluge annoying. In his parody appropriately titled "J.Crewd: A Parody," creator Justin Racz uses the notoriety of J.Crew to make a strong statement about the exorbitant efforts of the advertising industry.

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself

(11/24/98 11:00am)

Last week, I received an e-mail from Erica, one of my best friends who is a freshman at Amherst College. I hadn't heard from her in a while, though I didn't really expect that anything was wrong. I found out in her letter, though, that something terrible had happened. Her letter roughly coincided with the surge of discussion about campus security and locking dorm doors. I realized, pondering over what had happened to Erica, that if you want something done right, do it yourself. Locking the outside doors is a nuisance and isn't even very effective; locking your own door, on the other hand, is a virtually foolproof measure to ensure the security of your personal possessions.