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Sink or swim: Dartmouth's demanding curriculum: Graduating from high school was easy -- Dartmouth's graduation requirements challenge every student

(07/27/96 9:00am)

Now that you have finally been accepted as a member of the Class of 2000, you are faced with the daunting task of filling Dartmouth's rigorous graduation criteria, from distributive requirements to physical education.

Editor's Notes

(05/17/96 9:00am)

Green Key weekend has its roots in wild behavior -- a standard that has been maintained through its 75-year existence. Although this year's celebration of Green Key will certainly not resemble the springtime variety show of 1921, a tradition of rowdy behavior remains entrenched in the weekend's history. Green Key's predecessor, the Spring Houseparties weekend, was created with the sole intent of importing women to Dartmouth's all-male campus. In addition to the expected fraternity parties and sporting events, the weekend was known for its traditional prom which was cancelled in 1924 due to rowdy behavior on the part of Dartmouth men and their dates.

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