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Spotlight on Jazz Education and Performance Groups at Dartmouth

(05/24/23 6:15am)

Week 9 is busy for Dartmouth students for various reasons: Professors dole out final assignments, formal season kicks off and students solidify summer plans. For me, however, Week 9 is busy due to Coast Week, referring to the Dartmouth Coast Jazz Orchestra’s concert on May 27. My nights will be filled with longer hours of rehearsals, as we work tirelessly to put on the best show that we can. 

The Passion Behind “The Scene”

(05/17/23 6:10am)

As soon as I came to Dartmouth, I knew that I was going to play in some kind of band. In high school, I played the drums and bass, and I hoped to continue pursuing my passion for music in college. But what I didn’t expect was to play in every student band that performed during my sophomore summer, in settings from poorly attended darties in backyards to raucous summer evening performances in sweaty chapter rooms. I didn’t expect to co-found two student bands, Exit 13 and Tightrope, that are still going strong without me — or to play with The Stripers in some of the biggest concerts of the summer. Though I only play with one band now, Gibberish, I feel like a full-fledged member of Dartmouth’s lively student band scene. 

Behind the Scenes: Student Bands at Dartmouth

(08/05/22 5:00am)

When a fraternity announces that a student band is playing, you’ll typically see a rush of people attempting to get into the venue. Inside, you’ll find a sea of students crammed together as an audience, with fellow students shredding, singing and grooving along to their own live music. With such an entertaining product, most students overlook the two essential questions: How does this whole scene work and what goes into each performance? As someone who has played in all four campus bands this summer — Exit 13, Gibberish, Tightrope and The Stripers — I’m well equipped to answer.

The Chance to be a Star

(07/08/22 7:10am)

Sophomore summer has many long-lasting traditions, from well-known activities like the DOC Fifty hike and the Lou’s Challenge to more debaucherous ones like the Ledyard Challenge and  the annual Masters pong tournament. Yet, some of the most artistic of these traditions are the summer performance groups. For 10 weeks, many student-run performance groups open their doors to the broader student population — regardless of prior experience — allowing them to live out their fantasies of being dancers, comedians or singers.

Sophomore Summer: The Unaffiliated Edition

(05/18/22 6:10am)

Sophomore summer is approaching, and with it comes the promise of easier classes, warmer weather, river dips and a campus left just to the ’24s. Yet, as I’ve discussed sophomore summer with upperclassmen friends, bonding within Greek spaces has been a common refrain. This presents a particular problem for me, as I’m part of the 39% of Dartmouth ’24s who are unaffiliated, according to the latest statistics from the IFC and ISC.

Back to School: Alumni Professors on the Return to their Alma Mater

(04/06/22 6:15am)

Just under thirty years ago, Jason Barabas ’93 was a Dartmouth senior working on his honors thesis, playing on the football team and participating in the Greek system. Now, he is back in Hanover serving as the director of the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and teaching in the government department. Barabas is part of Dartmouth’s substantial alumni-to-professor pipeline, made up of academics who return to teach at the College after completing their undergraduate degrees here. I sat down with four of these alumni professors to discuss how they have reconciled their experiences here as students with their current roles as faculty.

Finding Time to Breathe: The Quarter System and Burnout

(03/30/22 6:10am)

As I write this article, I’ve just finished unpacking the small suitcase of clothes that I brought home for spring break. My dorm room hasn’t changed much in the last week or so, except for  a layer of dust that has accumulated on the top of my chest of drawers. It really does feel like I finished my music final yesterday, rather than two weeks ago. Yet somehow, I’m going to be starting three new classes this week, all vastly different from my courses last term. While I am excited about each of these classes, there’s still a small part of me that feels like winter term just ended. And after how hard I worked, two weeks doesn’t feel long enough.

Let’s Grab a Meal Sometime: Observations from My Time Eating Alone at Foco

(03/09/22 7:20am)

I’ve eaten alone at Foco in pretty much every place you can imagine, from the long tables on dark side to the couches on the 2nd floor. On most weekdays, you’ll see me blissfully chowing down on my bowls of pasta and salad at some random corner of the cafeteria, with no other students around me and no computer or notebooks to indicate that I am working. You might ask whether this practice is out of necessity, but it’s not — I actually enjoy eating alone.

The Roommates-to-Friends Pipeline

(02/23/22 7:20am)

One of the more nerve-racking moments of the summer before coming to Dartmouth is learning who your roommate will be. Most students will only be lucky enough to know one or two of their new classmates, so this roommate might represent your first connection to college. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we all hope our first roommates will be people we can count on.

Not Just the Flu: Dartmouth’s High-Risk Population and the Pandemic

(02/16/22 7:25am)

A notable event of this winter term was Dartmouth’s decision to begin treating COVID-19 as an endemic disease rather than a pandemic one. In comparison to many peer institutions, classes, clubs and sports at Dartmouth have proceeded relatively unchanged, and the reaction of the student body seems to have been largely positive, in no small part due to the high vaccination rates and low risk to the young adult population.