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TTLG: A Requiem for My Dead Pet Snail

(06/25/21 8:10am)

About midway through my senior spring term, I took a trip to the PetSmart in West Lebanon to pick up a pet snail. I had deemed snails, due to their low-maintenance nature, the perfect animal companion for whatever transition from college to actual adulthood awaited me, and my sights settled quickly upon a yellow, nickel-sized, relatively active specimen. I named him Snoople — Snoople the Snail. 

UGAs voice complaints about compensation

(01/04/19 9:15am)

Fourteen undergraduate advisors, from those who work in upperclassmen and first-year residences to those who reside in Living Learning Communities, have voiced a variety of complaints against the Office of Residential Life that they are not adequately compensated for training and weekly responsibilities and that the ORL has not been adequately responsive to their concerns. 

Conference on 1960s social movements to begin next week

(08/09/19 6:15am)

Beginning next Wednesday, Dartmouth will host a two-day lecture series as part of a conference titled “Reflections on the Afterlives of 1969.” The series of talks, which will feature speeches from professors at Yale University, The Free University of Berlin and several other institutions, will address a range of topics including student activism, black political thought, anti-Vietnam war protests and the implications of 1960s social movements on the world today.

Rally on Green protests ICE and detention camps

(07/19/19 6:00am)

Following reports of inhumane conditions within immigration detention camps along the southern U.S. border that detailed children being subjected to overcrowding, poor sanitation and inadequate access to food and medical care, Hanover joined 700 cities nationwide to host a “Lights for Liberty” protest last Friday evening. Nearly 300 Dartmouth students, faculty members and Upper Valley residents assembled on the Green to take part in the rally, which included speeches from local activists, musical performances and a candlelight vigil. 

Editors' Note

(06/28/19 6:00am)

The term we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Since we arrived at Dartmouth — or even before, during tours or information sessions — upperclassmen and alumni told us that sophomore summer would be the best 10 weeks of our college experience. Expectations are high as we text home to convince our high school friends that summer school is a blessing, not a curse. But if two years at Dartmouth have taught us anything, it’s that 10 weeks fly by in an instant. How can we make each moment last, knowing that in two short months the Class of 2021 will disperse to foreign study destinations and internships around the country? 

International students recommend changes to College in letter

(06/21/19 6:15am)

Last week, a group of international students sent a letter to the College administration to call attention to the challenges they have encountered in pursuing off-campus internship and job opportunities. The letter contained six anonymous testimonials from international students and presented six recommendations to the College to better support international undergraduates. 

College denied claims made by expelled student in lawsuit

(05/23/19 6:10am)

Amid a nationwide increase in cases challenging results of college-led sexual misconduct investigations, last month, the College responded to the most recent case challenging its own disciplinary process. On April 30, the College filed its response to a lawsuit alleging that it led an “unfair” and biased investigation resulting in the wrongful expulsion of a male student accused of sexual assault. Dartmouth has denied the claims put forth in the complaint and has demanded a trial by jury “on all claims so triable.”

‘Take Back the Night,’ with changes, to be held April 26

(04/19/19 6:10am)

In an effort to initiate a campus-wide discussion on sexual violence, the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault will lead the College’s annual Take Back the Night March and Night of Reflection on the evening of April 26. These events will serve as the final scheduled activities for this year’s Sexual Assault Action Month, previously known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

College obtains easement to treat contaminated groundwater at Rennie Farm

(04/05/19 6:00am)

In an effort to expedite the ongoing cleanup of Rennie Farm, a site where the Dartmouth Medical School disposed of test animal carcasses in the 1960s and 1970s, the College has obtained an easement that will enable the College to treat contaminated groundwater on an 11-acre property abutting the existing treatment site. The easement marks an additional step in a process initiated by the College in 2017 to reduce levels of 1,4-dioxane in the groundwater near Rennie Farm. 

FYSEP to expand with help of $13 million in alumni donations

(04/02/19 6:00am)

Major changes to Dartmouth’s First Year Student Enrichment Program will soon be underway, according to an announcement made at a recent capital campaign event for the College. FYSEP — a pre-orientation program designed for first-generation and low-income students — will expand its programming from five days to four weeks beginning in August 2020. The expansion of FYSEP will be funded by $13 million in alumni contributions, $10 million of which were donated by A. George “Skip” Battle ’66.

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