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Escaping the Status Quo – '19s Reflecting on Risks Taken

(02/27/19 7:20am)

Unlike many of her peers during junior summer, Rachel Kesler ’19 chose to forgo joining the money-making corporate exodus into the high rises of consulting, finance and tech firms. Instead, she chose to work in a place she loves — the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. Kesler lauds taking the position of assistant manager of the Lodge as one of the best risks she’s taken in her Dartmouth career. 

Travis Scott gets outshone on new album 'ASTROWORLD'

(08/10/18 6:10am)

Last week, Travis Scott treated fans to the release of his long-awaited new album, “ASTROWORLD.” This marks Scott’s third studio album, a project that has become the subject of hype since its initial announcement two years ago. The success of Scott’s previous two albums, “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” and “Rodeo,” only served to heighten the anticipation. The project’s title serves as an homage to Six Flag’s now-defunct AstroWorld theme park, a staple of Scott’s homecity of Houston, Texas. The album is arguably just as much fun, as Scott creates an unorthodox universe in which trippy beats go head-to-head with spacey tracks that send listeners through the cosmos. The feature list is stacked, filled with big names, little names and guys you’ve probably never even heard of. Rest assured though, they’re all fire. The production is just as diverse, with collaborations from veterans of the industry veterans including Mike Dean and Metro Boomin’, as well as breakouts like Turbo and Tay Keith.

Diamonds In The Rough: Distribution Requirements

(05/16/18 6:25am)

Degree requirements at Dartmouth can sometimes be a pain. Students must fulfill 10 distributives, fulfill a language requirement, pass an English class, First-Year Seminar and three courses that satisfy World Culture Requirements, complete physical education courses, and pass a swim test. These requirements form a basis for the liberal arts education that Dartmouth prides itself on. While these requirements can be tough, they can also be a blessing in disguise.

Athletics and Identity

(04/05/17 5:30am)

It isn’t difficult to identify athletes on campus. Typically, they travel in packs, fill the long tables on the dark side of the Class of ’53 Commons and proudly wear their gear everywhere they go. Of course, the general “athlete” category is separated into two groups: varsity and club. Although they may play the same sport, some club and varsity athletes lead very different lives on campus. For others, there isn’t a hint of discrepancy.

You should go and love yourself

(02/15/17 7:10am)

When Week 7 has got you down, what do you do? Some wrap themselves in blankets and binge-watch the next season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and others head out to the nearest party down frat row. From reading to bodybuilding, Dartmouth students discussed how they relieve the stress of college life by caring for themselves.

Women of color bring magic to campus

(02/08/17 7:15am)

During her sophomore year, Tsion Abera ’17 grew frustrated by the lack of hair care for black women around campus. She resorted to watching YouTube videos on how to style and take care of her hair in such dry weather. She, along with her “mentee” Alex Adams ’18, started using her dorm to provide a space with self-care resources for black women. Eventually, the room started filling up, and Abera’s wallet started to suffer — so she founded Black Girls Are Magic, an organization that recognizes and caters to the needs of black women in the Dartmouth community.

Finding humor in a sometimes-unfunny world

(01/25/17 7:20am)

Harambe. The 2016 election. El Chapo. Brexit. The list goes on. A look back at 2016 tells us that humor is the most prevalent when there is a pervading sense of discomfort about current events. Memes filled Twitter feeds, and late-night comedy shows never ran out of material. While some may not admit it, comedy has the power to make us laugh during the hard times.

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