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Walk it Out: Alternative Things to March For at Dartmouth

(01/22/17 7:13pm)

With Inauguration Day having come and gone, people all over the country organized and participated in marches to protest the election of Donald Trump. The largest and most publicized was by far the Women’s March on Washington, with more people having attended than the inauguration in D.C. - not including the satellite marches all over the world. This got me thinking. If citizens can march for what they believe in, why can’t we? There are a few things that Dartmouth students are pretty unhappy with, so here are a few issues you could take to the streets.

8 Stages of Coping With the Loss of Napkin Containers

(01/12/17 6:39pm)

Pump your brakes, ladies and gents, ‘cause Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief model is way out of date. No, I don’t mean for little things like “deaths in the family” or “fascist takeovers of society.” This new step-by-step guide is for real issues. Issues that hurt us all. You know of what I speak — it hangs like a pall of darkness above the campus. It hurts all, consumes all, destroys all. Of course, I am referring to the decision of Dartmouth Dining Services to do away with the free and independent napkin dispensers at each table in its establishments and replace them with centralized, collectivized napkin dispensers.

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