In Memory of Pete Slavin '63

The Pete Slavin '63 Columnist and Commentary Award has been named in the memory of Pete Slavin, a reporter, editor, and alumni of The Dartmouth who made a significant impact on the newspaper during his time at the College. 

The Award will be given out annually during the paper's end of year Banquet, which celebrates the year-long work and accomplishments of The Dartmouth's staff. The Pete Slavin '63 Columnist and Commentary Award will be given annually to a member of The Dartmouth's Editorial Staff as determined by the newspaper's Senior Directorate.  

Pete Slavin graduated Dartmouth in 1963 as a Political Science and History major. During his time at college, he was a member of the swimming team, a brother of Alpha Chi Rho, and a reporter, features writer, and Executive Editor for The Dartmouth

Building off the skills and experiences he garnered during his tenure at The Dartmouth, Pete made a career out of journalism, serving as a reporter, editor, and freelance writer for a variety of publications across the country. He was known for his investigative journalism and ability to expose social and political issues ranging from coal mining practices in Appalachia to crises in the Balkans to mental health problems facing our youth.  

For his contribution to the paper and his longstanding dedication to journalism at large, The Dartmouth has named the Annual Columnist and Commentary Award in Pete's honor. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to The Dartmouth in the memory of Pete Slavin to support his award and the continued well-being of the newspaper. Any amount -- large or small -- will help maintain Pete's legacy and cement his place as part of America's Oldest College Newspaper.

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