Your Homecoming Weekend in GIFs

By Emma Chiu | 10/12/15 7:20am

As the most well-known big weekend, Homecoming has time and again ensured that the old traditions shall not fail, and 2015 was no exception. Whether it’s screaming at the “worst class ever” as they run around the bonfire or singing the alma mater in Late Night Collis, your Homecoming experience was one to remember. But since there’s a good chance you don’t quite remember all of it, Dartbeat has you covered with the best GIFs to sum up your weekend.
1. When alums try to have sex in your dorm.

2. When you’re going after the Dartmouth Decade

3. ’19s waiting in the rain.

4. When you see someone touch the fire.

5. Trying to act sober in front of your family

6. Singing the alma mater when you’re too gone

7. When you actually finish 119 laps

8. ’19s wondering if a frat door will ever open

9. Getting food at Late Night Collis.

10. When the fruit in FoCo gets ridiculously nicer for alums

11. Sunday morning.

Emma Chiu