Ranking Hanover’s Best Late Night Pizza

By Caroline Berens, The Dartmouth Staff and Annette Denekas | 1/26/15 1:12pm

Whether drunk with their floor mates or watching a late night movie with friends, nearly every Dartmouth student has picked up the phone at one point or another to order some non-DDS pizza. Each of these students —while exercising different levels of cognitive functionality —has faced the same timeless question in this moment: where should I order pizza from? Should it be the tried and true Everything But Anchovies? The beloved Ramunto's Brick & Brew Pizzeria? Under the radar C&A's? Even sober and fully rested, there are no easy answers.


Price: $16.84 ($20.00 with tip) -- Rank: 3.5

Delivery time: 20 minutes -- 5

Hours: closes at midnight -- 3.5

Taste -- 3.5

Total: 15.5/20

We started our expedition with C&A's pizza, an option we felt was fairly unknown among our peers. Not long after we had put down the phone, C&A's arrived at door of Fahey Hall, clocking in with the speedy delivery time of exactly 20 minutes! The pizza itself was best described as “yummy” —it was not too greasy and contained a good amount of cheese and vegetables (peppers, onions, and mushrooms). But its bland, unusual crust did not hit home. If you’re looking for a snack before midnight, we would recommend C&A’s as an unorthodox and satisfying choice. But we’d also recommend munching around the crust!


Price: $20.33 ($25.00 with tip) -- 2.5

Delivery time: 33 minutes -- 4

Hours: 11:00 am - midnight -- 3.5

Taste -- 3.5

Total: 13.5/20

Next on our hit list was Ramunto’s. Despite Ramunto’s reputation as a staple in the Dartmouth student diet, we were surprisingly disappointed by our order —perhaps because of our high expectations? The pizza was by far the most expensive of the three, despite being only slightly larger (two more inches in diameter than the other two), and the olives were excessive. We did enjoy the tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms that decorated the pizza’s topping, but the plain cheese half was rather tasteless. If the pizza had phenomenal taste, we might have forgiven the high price and early closing time. But alas, this was not the case. At least you can get garlic knot crust pizza (at an additional cost)!


Price: $15.99 ($20.00 with tip) -- 3.5

Delivery time: 35 minutes -- 4

Hours: 11:00 am - 2:10 am -- 5

Taste -- 4.5

Total: 17/20

When we placed our third order we felt as if we had turned into a Dartmouth student cliché, but we had to admit EBA’s really was the best. With the lowest price (before tip), EBA’s was worth every dollar we spent, even if its delivery took the longest amount of time, clocking in at 35 minutes. The sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach on the veggie side of the pizza were fresh and delicious, and the plain cheese, cooked to perfection, was also surprisingly flavorful. It was no coincidence that EBA’s was the only pizza we finished completely, and what’s more telling than an empty pizza box?

We’d hate to be bad influences. But when it comes to getting quality pizza, sometimes it does make sense to follow the crowd:

Best Overall Quality: EBAs

Best Delivery Time (in one-off trial): C&A’s

Caroline Berens, The Dartmouth Staff and Annette Denekas