Best Album Titles for 15W

By Lilly Bain | 1/20/15 6:38am

1. 15WhoStoleMyFracket?

It’s a question we hope you’ll never have to ask this term, particularly if you’re rocking Canada Goose.

2. 15WhatAmIDoingWithMyLife?

Another question you might ask yourself during 15W. It’s just as difficult to solve as figuring out where your fracket is (although it’s slightly more important).

3. 15WinterWonderland

The cold might suck, but campus is really, really pretty covered in snow. At least that’s what your friends at home will think when you selectively mupload photos from Winter Carnival.

4. 15WhyIsItSoCold?

Who knew -15 degrees was even possible?

5. 15Werk

Is this the term that you’re going to buckle down and get your life together? But in a slightly sassy, creative manner? #werk

6. 15Whatevs

Alternatively, is this the term that you’re going to stop caring enough to even finish the word “whatever?” Remember, C’s get degrees!

7. 15WeThePeople

A great way to let your Facebook friends know that you are friends with real-life people and also love the constitution of the United States of America.

8. 15WhyAmIStillOnThe20?

Any '18s out there who forgot to switch off the SmartChoice 20 meal plan? Are you realizing that using your 20 meal swipes is a lot harder when it’s so cold that you don’t want to ever leave your bed? Here’s your album title!

9. 15WildandFree

Are you planning on thawing out from the cold by spending every night in a warm fraternity or local sorority? Let your Facebook friends know that you can’t be tamed!

10. 15WhoPoopedInTheSoup?

Just kidding. This one is so 14F.

Lilly Bain