Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Maria S. Brenes, The Dartmouth Staff | 10/31/14 6:00am

So you’re going to a Halloween party this weekend, but don't have a costume. You knew Halloween was this weekend and that you would need one. But in the midst of midterms and papers, you have neglected to do anything about a costume. You, my friend, need a backup plan.

That's what I'm here for. Here are several costumes you can make with ordinary things you can find around your dorm room or in CVS.

The Disco Ball

You need: An old dress or T-shirt, a stack of CDs and super glue.

There are two different ways to do this. You can either choose to break up the CDs and paste the pieces on the dress, leaving the shiny part of the CD facing the outside. Or you can also avoid breaking them and just paste them on. Ta-da! Now you'll shine on the dance floor.

The Classic Zombie

You need: Clothes that you can destroy (I recommend buying a plain, big T-shirt), red paint and makeup.

Destroy the clothes and spat them with blood. It's not rocket science. I'm sure you know how to do this, so have fun with it. Then apply splotches of blood and bronzer on your face, and put some gray eyeshadow under your eyes to enhance the “dead” look.

The Beanie Toy

You need: An animal costume (or just some bunny ears) and cardboard.

Cut the piece of cardboard in a heart shape, to resemble the label on Beanie Babies. Cut bubble letters out of white sheets of paper and stick them on the heart. Hang the heart label on a nylon thread. Throw on your animal costume, and hang the label around your neck.

The Loofah

You need: Tulle, a dress you don't need anymore, hot glue and a patient friend's help.

This costume is easy, but it does take time. You also might need to buy tulle from Amazon or West Leb.

Once you have your materials ready, start by putting your dress on. Put some hot glue on your dress, and paste on the tulle — you can start wherever you want. Make sure to pinch the fabric so it looks puffy and fluffy, just like a loofah. Be careful not to burn yourself — pull the dress away from you when you’re putting the hot glue on. Repeat the process until you look like a loofah!

404 Costume Not Found

You need: A white T-shirt and a black sharpie.

Again, this is not rocket science. Just write 404 Costume Not Found on your t-shirt.


You need: a box, gift-wrapping paper, cardboard and a big bow.

You are going to wear the box itself for this costume, so cut three holes in it – two for your arms and one for your head. Also cut out one side of the box for your legs. Note: it is easier to put the wrapping paper on the box and then cut out the holes.

Using cardboard, create a “To:” and “From:” tag. You can get creative with this and write whatever you like! Paste the label on the box and add a big bow.


You need: A flannel shirt, jeans or overalls, a straw hat and some makeup.

The most important part of this costume is the makeup. I could get into details but really, just look up scarecrow makeup on YouTube.Here is a good example.

Vampire from HBO’s “True Blood”

You need: Red paint or fake blood, makeup and fangs.

No, don't use a cape and dress up like Dracula. Use normal clothes and add some pointy fangs. Then put some red paint in the corners of your lips to simulate dripping blood. Lightly put some purple eyeshadow under your eyes so that you look more … dead.

The Mummy

You need: White clothes, bandages, double-sided tape, coffee (optional)

Put on your white clothes and wrap yourself in the bandages. Use double-sided tape to make sure they stick to your clothes. If you have some extra time and want your bandages to look old and dirty, I recommend dying them with coffee and leaving them to dry for a day.

Maria S. Brenes, The Dartmouth Staff