5 People Who Hate Rain Just As Much As We Do

By Josh Koenig, The Dartmouth Staff | 8/7/14 11:02am

Over sophomore summer, you imagined the weather would be sunny and 70 every day. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, it has been raining a little too much. Here at Dartbeat, we know all too well that when it’s raining — and when your plans to go to the River after your 12 have been ruined — it can feel like it’s just you against the world. So to help you feel a little less alone, we’ve compiled a list of five famous people who hate the rain just as much as you do.

1. Leonardo Dicaprio

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox, via giphy.com

Maybe if we had watched more of Leo’s earlier work we would know what movie this is from, but man, he sure doesn’t look like he is enjoying the rain here!

2. Lindsay Lohan

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures, via giphy.com

Back in the day, Lindsay Lohan hated rain a lot — especially indoors!

3. Snoopy

Via reactiongifs.us

While never explicitly mentioned in the cartoon strip Peanuts, it is a well-known fact that Snoopy hated rain, as it prevented him from working on his novel, which would go on to spend fifteen weeks on the top of the New York Times’ Best Sellers List.

4. Kristin Wiig

Courtesy of Lionsgate, via giphy.com

Before a large-scale grassroots campaign was launched to bring Kristin Wiig to campus as a commencement speaker, she hated rain just as much as you do!

5. That guy from Doctor Who

Courtesy of the BBC, via giphy.com

If you watched this show, it would probably be very clear why whoever this is hates rain! Man, I’m sure his trip to that place he was going was totally ruined!

Josh Koenig, The Dartmouth Staff