Watching the Ivies: Hurricane Sandy Edition

By Marie Plecha | 11/2/12 5:00am

Courtesy of Yale Daily News


YALE: Yale University imposed a campus-wide curfew on Monday night in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, requiring students to remain in their residence halls after 5:30 PM. Tuesday classes were also cancelled. The storm overturned a bus shelter and broke several windows on campus, though no student injuries were reported.


PRINCETON: Princeton University cancelled classes Monday through Wednesday and closed most academic and administrative buildings. The storm knocked over at least 50 trees on campus and caused power outages and road closures in the area.

PENN: Students at The University of Pennsylvania also enjoyed a reprieve from classes on Monday and Tuesday and passed the time off by bonding with friends, holding parties and streaking through Penn Park. Storm effects were relatively mild, as the campus escaped power outages and flooding.

BROWN: Brown University cancelled classes on Monday and Tuesday, but avoided the brunt of the storm’s damage aside from several fallen trees. The University’s Admission Office, however, extended its early decision application deadline from Nov. 1 to Nov. 7 in anticipation of the storm’s effect on online applicants. Most of the other Ivy League universities extended their early admission deadlines by several days as well.

COLUMBIA: Columbia University's campus generally escaped the effects of the hurricane, though classes were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. Relatively mild damage in comparison to that in much of the city included scattered branches, broken windows and several fallen trees. The campus’ power remained functional throughout the storm.

CORNELL: Cornell University remained open throughout the hurricane’s sweep of the East Coast. The campus and the town of Ithaca were relatively unaffected by the storm.



Marie Plecha