Go to Town On: Seasonal Eats in Town

By Jamie Li | 11/2/12 7:00am

Quick, take as many Instagrams as you can of those pretty fall leaves before the trees shed them all! Now in the same vein: quick, check out all the seasonal offerings at these Hanover restaurants before their menus change for the winter! Below is a listing of autumnal menu items being served up at some of our beloved in-town establishments in order of what you should nosh on first.


Salt Hill Pub

I was practically salivating into the receiver as the waiter was describing their seasonal items to me. Here are the ones to try: vegetarian stuffed acorn squash, salad with spinach sautéed onions and gorgonzola cheese, homemade spiced pumpkin, butternut squash and maple syrup risotto.

3 Guy’s Basement BBQ

Nothing says fall at Dartmouth quite like hard cider and 3 Guy’s certainly has lots of it. Currently there are three seasonal beers in rotation: Angry Orchard Cidar, Harpoon Pumpkin UFO and their seasonal microbrew. Festive fall sides are also currently in rotation with honey-roasted beets covered in goat cheese and collard greens.

Courtesy of TonisKitchen.com


The restaurant currently has available pumpkin cake and pumpkin pancakes. Also may I suggest ordering a pumpkin latte to accompany your breakfast? Lou’s is also currently taking orders for Thanksgiving pie.



Jamie Li