La Belle Vie: Trendy Kafe

By Isobel Markham | 1/29/12 11:34am

Ahh, midterms. Dontcha just love 'em? The impossibly long to-do list, the debilitating lack of sleep and the constant fear of failure. It's joyous. Along with the rest of you, I too have set up camp in Baker-Berry and am living off King Arthur coffee and cinnamon buns.



The library is prime people-watching territory at this point at the term. It's the place to see and be seen, so it can pay off to give a little thought to your appearance as well as to your lecture notes.

The cardinal rule of library dressing is to look as if you haven't made an effort. Disclaimer: This does not literally mean don't make an effort. You're aiming for the "I've just rolled out of bed/been here all night" look, but this does not mean that it's acceptable to literally just roll out of bed and go to the library. Pajamas are definitely not allowed. And make sure you take a shower.

The all-around baggy look (i.e. sweatpants, a hoodie and Ugg boots) is equally unacceptable. If you must wear sweatpants, at least balance it out with a cute woolen sweater (like this one) and a pashmina. The really big ones can double as a blanket for when you want a quick snooze on your desk — just try not to dribble on your chem notes.

Guys, the same rules apply.Chunky knitsgo a long way towards making you look more intelligent which, as everyone knows, is half the battle. Ditto heavy-rimmed glasses (hello, Johnny Depp).



It's fine to take your boots/shoes off and loaf around as if you're in your living room at home. It should go without saying, though, that if you're going to remove your shoes, make sure you choose decent socks. Novelty Christmas designs and holes are definite no-nos. And don't under any circumstances wander into the bathroom barefoot. That's just nasty.

It's equally important not to go too far the other way. During Fall term finals, I spied a girl in a strapless dress in the middle of the morning. Not cool. At least try to look as though you go there for academic purposes and not just for facetime.

Just one more week to go, people. Power on through. And don't forget the pashmina.

Isobel Markham