Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 5/10/17 2:05am

The theme for this issue was inspired by several different factors: recent heated debates about power dynamics on campus, flickering lights in various campus dorms, the best running song of all time (“POWER” by Kanye West)...

Your intrepid editors often like to believe that, in the context of the newsroom, they have a great deal of power. They often go on maniacal power trips slashing Oxford commas, rearranging poorly constructed sentences and laughing maniacally as they design a storyboard with more ideas than they have writers. But, at the end of the night, they’re really just three tired girls who have put off an entire night’s worth of studying.

So, this week, we decided to look outward at representations of power. Who holds the power on campus and beyond? What happens when professors choose to subvert or uphold classical power dynamics? What do the subjects that we as a campus decide to rally around say about prevailing values? Will May, Annette and Lauren ever make it to bed before 3 a.m. on a Tuesday night?

All this and more within the issue. Enjoy!

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