Roslin's Sushi expands to house centers

by Peter Charalambous | 11/10/16 12:44am

by Divya Kalidindi / The Dartmouth

Students craving Asian food can find it a little closer to home. Roslin’s Sushi is expanding to the residential community house centers: the North Park and South House study space and the Allen and School House communal space.

Chang Lin has spearheaded the sushi production, which operates out of Collis Café as well as from a warehouse in Lebanon, since 2012.

Lin, who began making sushi in 1997, moved to West Lebanon in 1999 to open his own restaurant. He began working with the College in 2005 by helping Sunja Hayden, a Dartmouth Dining Services worker who was in charge of sushi production at the College then. When Hayden left the College in 2012 to pursue a full-scale kimchi production business in Vermont, Lin stepped up to take over the operation. Lin and his business partner Stephen Ross combined their last names to create Roslin’s Sushi.

Today, Roslin’s Sushi supplies Japanese and Chinese food to the Collis, Courtyard and Novack Cafés as well as the residential community house centers. Roslin’s also operates during Late Night Collis on Sundays and Mondays and the Collis Cafe for in-person custom orders after 3:30 p.m. Roslin’s Sushi also caters for large events at the College. Lin also operates Oriental Wok Express, a restaurant popularly known as “Gas Station Chinese.”

Lin prides himself on using fresh, local and sustainable ingredients.

“I want to bring fresh products to every customer of mine,” Lin said. “I treat them like friends.”

He sources his fish from the Earth and Sea Fish Market in Vermont and purchases other supplies from JFC International in Boston. Utilizing a production warehouse in Lebanon, Lin said he is able to consistency supply fresh products across campus. Lo mien, egg rolls, sushi and other products are made at 4 p.m. and then stocked in refrigerators the next morning. Associate Director of DDS Don Reed said that Roslin’s Sushi is important to DDS because it is an “opportunity for DDS to provide an ethnic item that is produced locally and fresh.”