Andrew Lohse's book proposal leaks online

by The Dartmouth Staff | 10/3/12 12:09am

Three months following the announcement of a book deal with St. Martin's Press, a 69-page PDF file of a book proposal purportedly by Andrew Lohse '12 has leaked on the Internet. The book, "Party at the End of the World," chronicles Lohse's time at the College, including his arrest for cocaine possession and witness tampering in 2010 and the hazing he claims to have endured as a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

The names of those mentioned in the document are redacted, and Lohse organized the table of contents into the following categories: overview, audience, about the author, about Dartmouth's Greek life, comparison titles, fraternity term glossary, outline and chapter summaries and sample chapters. The author describes the book as both a work of narrative nonfiction and a coming-of-age memoir.

The proposal begins, "Not long ago, I was a coke-addled elitist Dartmouth College fratboy watching my life slip away from me on a tide of cheap beer, vomit, and Jim Beam. I got so impossibly far from my humble, conservative middle-class suburban upbringing that a nihilistic alter-ego seemingly overtook who I had been before. I could not stop my identity's disintegration instead, I saw its dissolution as a parable of my generation nearing the end of the world."

The document goes on to chronicle Lohse's life at Dartmouth, including numerous stories involving heavy drug use, criminal activity and hazing in campus fraternities. Lohse describes snorting lines of cocaine off of his fraternity's composite pictures, throwing a chair at a Safety and Security office, being punched by the son of a member of the Board of Trustees and being forced to drink alcohol and vomit on himself as part of his pledge term at SAE, among other events mentioned.

A link to the proposal was released on the website, whose makers claim to be commissioned by "Dartmouth's most powerful secret society." Stating that it disagrees with Lohse's objective of "sullying" the Greek System, Operation Goldman Snacks claims to be "the lone voice in the wilderness crying out The Truth."

The site also contains options for "reputation protection" in the event that students are concerned about their names appearing in the printed version of the book.

The FAQ section of the website claims that Lohse made "numerous attempts to obtain a tap" from members of the society behind Operation Goldman Sachs. Lohse alludes to the possibility that he would receive a tap to become a member of Gryphon Senior Society in the proposal.

**This article will be updated as more information becomes available.*

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