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June 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Rec League Legends

Rec League Nation the Hanukkah bush has appeared in the center of The Green, meaning Holiday time is here. It also marks the final Rec League Legends of the term, so please read this once, twice, maybe even thrice for us. We've had a good term and a good friendship, but this article really isn't about Tim "Randy" Connor or Jonathan "Rockets" Katz. It's about the athletesthe Floren-going, Muggle-fearing D-1 elites whose locker rooms we've pillaged, whose egos we've shattered and whose parents we've made giggle. And with our final and most festive article of the term, we gathered our favorite campus athletes, treated them to the Hop and interrogated them about thankfulness. It's the least we could do.

Rec League Legends: What are you most thankful for?Maya Herm '13, women's field hockey player: My insane speed and extreme brawn. No seriously though, that there's always another day. Another day to crush.

RLL: Settle down Maya. Speak softly, carry a big stick and you'll go far. Are you ever worried when people say thank you they don't really mean it?Peter Weinberg '12, men's squash player: No.Chris Downer '11, men's rugby captain: Don't care. Just kidding Do they really not mean it?

RLL: Thanks for coming out Pete. And Chris, stick around. In your sports field, who are you most thankful for?Jack Barrett '12, men's squash player and One-on-One specialist: I'd probably have to say Sting. All the music he's made I don't listen to it. But the fact that he's making it I respect that.

RLL: Well-put, Jack. How many languages can you say thank you in?Barrett: Three more than I ever thought I could and one less than I can handle.Conor Grogan '10, alumni: Why am I here? I don't go to Dartmouth anymore, nor do I play a sport. I thought I was done with this Survey Monkey sh*t.

RLL: Sorry about the blitz, Grogan. Is anyone else "thank you" multilingual?Sean Donovan '13, men's soccer goalie: Fifty-nine.|en|Will Lehman '12, men's rugby player: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. I can also say "good morning," "boat" and "spaceship" in Hungarian.

RLL: Thank you! When's the last time you said thanks?Ted Schroeder '11, men's squash captain: I thanked the lady at the front desk of the gym for checking my ID and letting me in, but I didn't mean it.Kevin de Regt '11, football player and blogger: Last night when I walked into the library somebody held the door open for me, so I said thanks. Unfortunately it was a double door, so I had to say thanks again shortly thereafter. There should be a "double thanks" word in the English language for such situations. Any suggestions are welcome.

RLL: That desk lady is relentless. And Mr. DeRegtory, there's no need for a "double thanks" word, the word thank you is special in itself.Tim Dolan '11, man: I'm just thankful I was born in a time when the pen is mightier than the sword.

RLL: Where'd you come from Dolan? Is there any part of the turkey you find gives you specific sports enhancement?Bryan Song '11, men's tennis player: This is a stupid question, Katz. Save your jokes for the article.

RLL: Notice this is the only quote we included from you, Bryan. Moving on. How thankful are you to not be on the sailing team?Barrett: Sailing? It's like sex to these people. They just can't get enough of it

RLL: Perfect. Anyone got any more thanks to give?Herm: Someone held the door for me walking into Moore today. Downer twin, not sure which one (creepy that I'm dropping the name), but they're big supporters of Dartmouth field hockey (I think).

RLL: Creepy? No chance. Speaking of the Downers, what are you most thankful for Chris?Downer: Your wise words every Thursday.

RLL: We'll end on that. Thank you very much everyone have a healthy holiday season and we'll see you in the Winter.*

** Maybe.