Short Answer: Gender Inequities

by The Dartmouth Opinion Staff | 2/28/10 11:00pm

Friday's Verbum Ultimum discussed long-term solutions regarding the latest event to evoke gender controversy. What do you think we should do, if anything, about gender inequities on campus?

Anonymous campaigning has never altered the course of history; bold ambitious leadership and concerted efforts do. The idea that anonymous campaigns can change entrenched cultural inequities is something bright Dartmouth students should never use in addressing social ills. To significantly alter the gender inequities on campus, a united front of institutional leadership and student engagement must be employed long-term.Nana Amoah '11

Women who truly desire change should simply not engage in activities that allow men to disrespect us. Both sexes are responsible for gender inequities; males are most often blamed, but if females didn't tolerate these behaviors, then men wouldn't be able to do them. The problem continues because people of both sexes have accepted the way things run on Webster Avenue and do not wish for them to change.Natalie Colaneri '12

There will always be some men and women who feel slighted by the opposite gender for whatever reason. But no matter where you go, bad men will take advantage of women. Every time one of these disgruntled people makes a grandiose protest, the controversy we allow to get stirred up only validates their opinions. The majority of men and women on this campus are calm, reasonable people who don't resort to juvenile vandalism, and we shouldn't respond to such tactics.Chris Talamo '11

Posting anonymous signs while simultaneously clamoring for accountability is like driving around a nature preserve in a Hummer riddled with "Green is Good" bumper stickers. But to be fair, I have no systematic long-term solution that can reduce the perceived sexism on campus. In the end, it's up to individuals to treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of their sex. That shouldn't be too hard.Josh Kornberg '13If the women on campus are serious about sending the fraternities a message that they will no longer tolerate "male-dominated social spaces," the course of action is clear. They should take a cue from Aristophanes' play Lysistrata and go on a sex strike, or more seriously, a frat strike. That would do quite a bit to generate "long-term, sustained dialogue."Peter Blair '12

Anonymous, vague accusations are not productive means of discourse. Students who would like to voice their concerns should instead do so in a mature fashion, and should be specific about their particular grievances. Greek organizations will likely be much more willing to engage in dialogue and make efforts to resolve these issues if they are approached in a respectful manner.
Blair Sullivan '10

Barring some sort of great awakening on campus, change will only result from peer pressure. The only way I can see this happening is if one Greek house takes the lead and decides to be particularly welcoming to women, or if a committed group of female students publicly takes a stand and demands equity.Brendan Woods '13

The administration should facilitate, but not interfere with, discussions between Greek organizations and the rest of the student body and Greek organizations. Only through open discussion can the issues at hand be understood and addressed the act of anonymous ladies leaving their lingerie on frat porches can only incentivize further sexism towards women for repeat results.Julian Sarkar '13

Ask a dozen students what gender inequities exist on campus, and you will get a dozen different responses. Is there an institutional problem, or are we only talking about the behavior of a few individuals? This confusion is only exacerbated by a vacuum of useful data. The endless calls for "dialogue" are pointless until we decide what, exactly, we're talking about.Leonard Lewis '10