Club Corner

by Cecily Kaya | 10/30/06 6:00am

Polocrosse Demo

This past Friday the Dartmouth polocrosse team held a demonstration on the Green that featured two polo horses and a bake sale. As a club team, they are one of the first of its kind in the collegiate Northeast, while Duke, the University of North Carolina and Texas have also established programs.

"Polocrosse is really big in Australia and New Zealand," said Virginia Deaton '09 of the sport. "It's also becoming big out West, and is just getting started around here."

Polocrosse was started up in the winter of 2005 by co-founders Deaton and Page Wagley '09. Coach Sally Batton helped to bring the sport to Hanover, and the team has already lined up a promising schedule with tournaments against Duke and UNC in the winter. Batton has also launched a website in the hopes that polocrosse will spread to other schools and riders in order to create a larger field of competition.

Women's Laxers Gearing Up

Next weekend, the Dartmouth club lacrosse team has a big matchup against Boston College. Although women's lacrosse has just recently been recognized by the College as a club sport, the women in green are eager to make a name for themselves.