N. Mass hall on alert for bathroom intruder

by CJ Ryan | 7/25/06 5:00am

An unidentified, college-aged male entered North Massachusetts Hall on July 20 and wandered into several rooms, including a women's bathroom.

Students in North Massachusetts Hall reported to Safety and Security that the intruder had entered two different bathrooms as well as several individual rooms before leaving North Mass, prompting a BlitzMail message from North Mass Undergraduate Advisor Nora Ward '08 the next day to the entire residence hall.

"There was a strange, probably drunk, guy in the basement bathroom while a girl was taking a shower, and let's just say he wasn't respectful of privacy," Ward wrote.

Ward said that many of her residents were awake when the incident occurred, "and therefore would not [normally] think to lock their door[s], but Mass Row sees a good deal of traffic at night." Ward speculated that the locks on women's bathrooms on other floors prevented him from entering other bathrooms.

College Proctor Harry Kinne reiterated the importance of residents locking their doors and reporting any strange incidents to Safety and Security.

"There is a high probability the individual is affiliated with the College, though the situation is still under investigation," Kinne said.

Tom Manzo '07, a resident of North Mass, saw the intruder enter the dormitory accompanied by a small group of college-aged people shortly after he had entered the building.

"I asked him if I could help him with something," Manzo said. According to Manzo, the man responded, "Shh. It's cool. I know what I'm doing."

"The guy was blacked out and his eyes were glazed over," Manzo said. He added that the intruder appeared to be leaving the hallway.

Shortly after this encounter, however, the man entered Manzo's room.

Students living in the residence halls this term need to keep their safety in mind, Ward said. In her BlitzMail message, she stressed the importance of residents locking their doors as a precautionary measure against a possible intruder, in addition to showering during the daytime or earlier at night when living in the residence halls.

"I know a lot of [doors] are often propped, which is fine, but at night, or anytime when residents are showering, they should be closed to protect privacy," she said. She added that safety is a more important issue than trapping heat from the showers in bathrooms.

Ward also advised her residents to keep the bathroom doors closed at night.

"Obviously this won't prevent anyone from entering, but it may discourage intruders if they are in a drunken haze. There isn't much we can do, but we want everyone to feel safe," Ward wrote.