Homecoming arrests show dip from past

by Lizzie Wise | 11/2/04 6:00am

Police activity over Homecoming weekend declined slightly from recent years, with Hanover Police reporting 16 arrests and four protective custody cases between Friday evening and Sunday morning. Five of these arrests were related to Friday's bonfire festivities.

Twelve arrests resulted from unlawful possession of alcohol. The other arrests included one charge of driving under the influence, one disorderly conduct, one non-College-related vandalism and one criminal trespassing incident, said Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone.

A male from the Class of 2002 was charge with committing the DUI, while the vandalism occurred at Hanover High School. Hanover Police made most of the arrests without help from Safety and Security.

William Ryan '08 rushed the football field during halftime of Saturday's football game and received a charge of criminal trespassing, the customary penalty for such an offense.

Ryan -- clad in a Class of 2008 shirt and a $5 Scream mask from CVS -- ran onto the football field from the Harvard side, only to be received by police officers who handcuffed him and took him to the police station.

"I was absolutely expecting to get arrested," Ryan said. "I was hoping that maybe if I rushed out, other people would join me."

When Ryan realized no one else was coming with him, he knew he was "pretty much doomed."

Safety and Security officials said this Homecoming's crime record was nothing out of the ordinary.

"The weekend was very busy, but similar in nature to last year's event," College Proctor Harry Kinne said. "The bonfire went well in our estimations with few significant problems. The freshmen in my estimation acted very responsibly at the bonfire and appeared to have a good time."

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