Green Key incidents see spike

by Charles Gardner | 5/20/02 5:00am

This year's Green Key weekend witnessed a considerable rise in reported incidents, though no assaults or serious injuries occurred, according to Safety and Security.

The number of complaints reported to Safety and Security climbed to 73, up from only 51 during last year's Green Key and 45 in 2000, according to College Proctor Robert McEwen, an increase that he attributed partially to poor weekend weather.

Rain, cold and an inexplicable burst of snow caused "a lot of events to be moved inside," McEwen said, "and that will create problems when folks are in close proximity."

The consequent rise in the number of room parties may have been responsible for a surge in acts of vandalism, which more than doubled to 16 from only six last year, McEwen said.

Alcohol-related incidents also climbed sharply to over 30 from 21 last year, with the number of inebriates "up considerably," according to McEwen. Those involved represented "a mix of Dartmouth students and visitors," McEwen said.

None of these incidents occurred at the Alpha Delta lawn party, however, which this year received heightened attention from Safety and Security officers on duty to prevent students from bringing their own alcohol the event.

Although attendance at the party was down due to unseasonable weather -- with snow and 30-degree temperatures on Saturday -- McEwen praised house members for doing "an exemplary job" in monitoring the party and preventing any disorderly behavior.

Only six incidents of theft were reported, down from 12 last year. After a complete absence during last year's Green Key weekend, the number of cases of lewd and lascivious behavior rose to three, in addition to three incidents of disorderly conduct.

McEwen said he knew of three arrests made by Hanover Police during the weekend, including one case of driving while intoxicated. Hanover Police Chief Nick Giaccone was unavailable for comment.

Despite the sharp rise in complaints, McEwen said the weekend as a whole did not see any serious complications.

"All in all, Safety and Security was extremely busy this weekend, but most events seemed to go very well," he said.