Jacobs '02 receives award

by Jen Tutak | 5/24/01 5:00am

Arriving at the faculty lounge of the Hopkins Center yesterday afternoon, Hannah Jacobs '02 thought she was on her way to a Tucker Fellowship presentation. But to her surprise, she instead found herself the guest of honor at a reception celebrating her selection as this year's Ranny B. Cardozo award winner.

The Cardozo award is given annually to the most outstanding member of the junior class, who exemplifies academic enthusiasm, genuine concern for fellow students and energetic participation in campus and community activities.

The group of family members, friends, professors, administrators and selection committee representatives who gathered to congratulate Jacobs all agreed she epitomized the high standards of a Cardozo candidate.

"We're just thrilled she won this award. We're convinced she's completely deserving of it," Environmental Studies Professor Andy Friedland said.

An active member of the Environmental Studies program, Jacobs has worked in the department office, in their library, as a teaching assistant and updates their internship database. A Presidential Scholar in environmental studies research, she is double majoring in that field and government; she will complete her thesis "Natural Resource Industries in New England" next fall.

Jacobs is also a cornerstone of the Tucker Foundation. Concerned with homelessness issues, she has worked with Habitat for Humanity as its chair, fundraising coordinator and volunteer. She also visits an "adopted" grandparent and has participated in the Tucker Prison Project. Last year alone, Jacobs logged 300 hours of service to the community. After her freshman year, she spent her summer doing non-profit legal services on a Native American reservation in North Dakota as a Tucker Fellow.

Yet somehow between her deep volunteer commitment and maintaining high academic excellence, Jacobs still finds time for another one of her passions: enjoying the outdoors. Active in the Dartmouth Outing Club, she serves on the Cabin & Trail Council and cooks weekly meals with the members.

As a manger at Collis, an Undergraduate Advisor, a WISP mentor, and a world traveler on a language study abroad program to France, Jacobs has quite possibly done it all and then some in her dynamic three years so far at Dartmouth.

"What distinguishes Hannah from so many other students is not the countless hours she dedicates to her work, to her activities and to others beyond the Hanover community," said Jacobs' close friend Anne Sosin '02. "She exudes warmth and enthusiasm no matter what else is going on in her life."

"I think Hannah is an inspiration for other students at Dartmouth," said Carrie Kershaw, an administrative assistant in the Environmental Studies Department. "We wish there were more people like her!"

Upon receiving the award, Jacobs said, "I was totally surprised. It was just extremely overwhelming."

The selection committee engaged in some amateur detective work to contact Jacobs' friends for help with planning the surprise reception. In addition to inviting her friends and professors, Jacobs' parents and older sister Jodi were also able to drive up from their home in Keane, New Hampshire. Their presence was particularly special.

"The best thing was my family being here, that's what made me most happy," said Jacobs.

Once she arrived, '02 Class Dean Carolynne Krusi announced to Jacobs that she was the new Cardozo winner and explained the significance of the award. Last year's Cardozo recipient Ritika Nandkeolyar '01 presented Jacobs with the traditional prize: two engraved pewter mint julep glasses and an engraved pewter tray.

The mint julep glasses are reflective of the southern family that founded the award.

The distinction honors Ranny B. Cardozo, Jr. '78, who died in 1976. Led by the preceding award recipient, a committee of seniors solicits nominations from the senior class, academic departments, and administrators. The committee then reviews all the candidates to choose who they feel is the most outstanding representative of the junior class.

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