CFSC looks for College assurances

by Brad Russo | 1/12/00 6:00am

The Coed Fraternity Sorority Council is looking for guarantees that the Greek system will be allowed to continue to exist and remain residential if houses meet the proposed guidelines in the steering committee report. It will issue an official response to the recommendations in the coming weeks.

The CFSC met last night for the first time since the report's release on Monday. Newly elected CFSC President Eric Etu '01 said reaction by committee members to the report was largely positive, but some were concerned that the steering committee offered no assurances in the report.

"A lot of people agreed that changes are absolutely necessary, and a lot of people are excited the College is willing to work with us," Etu said. "While it will be difficult, people are looking at some of the milestone deadlines as goals. Houses are going to be looking to do their best to meet those goals."

All was not positive during the two-hour meeting however.

"One concern that was brought up was a lack of promises in the report ... I think the Greek system would like to see, before it spends hundreds of thousands of dollars, some sort of guarantee that if we meet the goals we will be allowed to stay as residential organizations," Etu said.

He said some CFSC members were skeptical of provisions in the report calling for a full review of the system in five years and granting the dean of the College the right to recommend the complete elimination of the system at any time before then.

In addition to the CFSC's official statement, which Etu hopes will be drafted and released before the end of the term, individual houses will also write official response statements dealing with issues that may not pertain to the entire system.

Etu said some of the houses hope to have their own statements out within the next few weeks.

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