Campus Crusade for Christ Condemns Mailings

by Chris West | 4/13/99 5:00am

To the Editor:

Throughout this past week we have hesitated to dignify the recent malicious pamphlet mailing with a public response. We have expressed our earnest sympathy to the respected campus leaders who received the offensive and insulting pamphlets. Dean Brown, Reverend King, Rabbi Boraz, Craig Parker, Josh Green, Chris LaBarbera, and Ezekiel Webber, please be assured once again of our wholehearted concern and prayers for you. Our foremost concern is for the hurt this deplorable act has caused you, and also to our Jewish, and homosexual neighbors.

Jesus taught us that all people are dearly loved by God. We believe that you and everyone in the world were made in God's image, and as such deserve to be treated with respect, gentleness, and love. The differences in our beliefs are important. But these differences are not a license for crude insensitivity or hatred. Never.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance for your gracious correspondence and for not assuming that Campus Crusade had anything to do with this reckless act. We certainly did not. We agree that the materials sent to you and others were blatantly offensive, and we are grieved for the hurt this has caused you. Dean Brown, thank you for your gracious letter to the editor.

We share the hope and humble determination expressed by so many this week to somehow turn this ugly incident into a new opportunity for dialogue and bonds of friendship.