Elberg '00 to lead The Dartmouth

by Nathan B. Anderson | 11/23/98 6:00am

Jacob T. Elberg '00, a 20-year-old government and psychology major from Montclair, N.J., will become the next president of The Dartmouth in 1999, the current editors announced Saturday night.

With Elberg at the helm, the editors of The Dartmouth will manage a staff of over 100 and a yearly, self-amassed budget of $300,000. The new directorate will assume leadership on Jan. 1, 1999.

Elberg will manage the business and news sides of the newspaper. He will also serve as the Chairman of the Board of Proprietors of The Dartmouth, Inc., the student-run corporation that owns The Dartmouth.

"I'm really excited about the coming year," Elberg said. "We've got a great group of editors ready to assume the lead and uphold The Dartmouth tradition."

Briefly outlining his goals for The Dartmouth in 1999, "we're hoping to expand the Arts section, as well as expand our overall coverage of on-campus news."

Each fall, the new directorate is chosen by the outgoing editors. The Dartmouth's current president, Erin Loback '99 announced the new editors at The Dartmouth's annual Changeover celebration at the Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society on Saturday night.

"Although it's sad that the '99s as a directorate are leaving the paper, it's assuring to know that the incoming directorate has the same love for it that we do and has the skills, talent, enthusiasm and motivation to put out a quality newspaper," Loback said.

Eun Lee Koh '00, a 20-year-old English and women' studies major from Washington Township, N.J., will replace Erik Tanouye '99 as managing editor and vice-chairman of the Board of Proprietors. As managing editor, Koh will be the paper's chief operating officer, responsible for all day-to-day operations of The Dartmouth.

In managing the paper, Koh aims to "increase the level of professionalism among The Dartmouth staff, and institute a more aggressive policy in representing the interests of everyone on campus within The D."

"After all, we're the only daily source of Dartmouth news, we have a tremendous responsibility to the College," she said.

Betsy Querna '00, a 20-year-old government major from Spokane, Wash., will replace Jonathan A. Lee '99 as business manager. Querna will act as the paper's chief financial officer, in charge of advertising, circulation and the long term financial planning for The Dartmouth.

Lee will still serve as business manager during the winter, while Querna works at Entertainment Weekly in New York for her off-term.

Edward Thomas '00 will replace Jess Jacob '99 as assistant managing editor. Thomas will aid Koh in running the paper, and will be responsible for training new reporters and overseeing newsroom operations.

Matt McDonald '00 will replace Jean Blackerby '99 as editorials editor. In addition to reviewing and selecting editorials for the Comments page, the editorials editor also determines overall editorial policy for the year, in consultation with the president.

Joseph Scott '00 will be the next associate editor, replacing Elysa Jacobs '99. The associate editor is in charge of the visual concept of the paper and its daily layout.

Sarah Gerry '00 will assume the role of Weekend Gazette editor. The weekly pullout on special featured topics appears in The Dartmouth each Friday. It was previously edited by Erika Patrick '99.

Lou Scerra '01 will replace Kevin Demoff '99 as sports editor. Scerra previously held the position of sports editor with the 1999 directorate last winter, when Demoff was working at NBC on an off-term.

The new arts editor will be Joe Manera '00. He will be replacing Ben Mandelker '01 and Matt Frucci '00. Frucci served as arts editor during the winter and spring. Mandelker edited the section this term, and will also edit it next winter, while Manera is off campus.

Nicole Tsong '00 will be next year's senior editor, replacing Rob Isaacs '99. She will help manage the news department and make contributions in the layout of the paper.

In addition, staff writers Andrew Allport '01, Deborah Bernstein '01, Hank Leukart '01, Sarah Rubenstein '01, Brad Russo '01, Scerra and Kascha Semon '01 were promoted to news editors. As news editors, they will be responsible for copy and news editing as well as writing more in-depth articles.

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