Pro-Wrestling visit a possibility

by Charlotte Baxter | 10/29/98 6:00am

For those fans of the World Wrestling Federation who mourn the current scarcity of cable television at Dartmouth, your prayers have been answered -- the Programming Board is considering bringing live world-class wrestling to Dartmouth on the last day of classes, Dec. 2.

Director of Student Activities and Programming Board Advisor Linda Kennedy, student co-Chair Brian Sleet '00, and event chair Desmond Ahoklui '00 are traveling to Norwich University in Vermont this weekend to see professional wrestlers perform there.

Programming Board co-Chair Catherine Maxson '99 said if the show quality and student response are high there, they will invite the wrestlers to come to the College.

Maxson said costs could range from $2,000 to $12,000, depending on how famous the wrestlers are and how fancy the show will be.

She said the budget allotted will partly depend on student interest around campus.

Responses from students who spoke to The Dartmouth ranged from apathy to excitement.

Jen LaBerge '02, who was known as the "Bissellite Bombshell" in her town's chapter of an unofficial wrestling fan club, the Vermont Wrestling Association, responded with the most enthusiasm.

"Since my goal is to one day to be part of the [World Championship Wrestling], this is a dream come true!" LaBerge said.

Other students responded that they would probably go if they can learn more details and it sounds fun.

There are concerns about the location for the event. Far fewer fans could fit into the traditional option of Alumni Hall, and there would be no lockers and other necessities for the wrestlers nearby.

Instead, the Alumni Gymnasium could overcome these obstacles and accommodate a fancier show. However, this option would displace the ordinary open gym hours for recreation that night.

Kennedy posted a BlitzMail bulletin yesterday requesting that students respond to possibility of closing the gym for the evening.

Robert Black '01 said he sometimes uses the gym during open hours to play basketball but said he would "not care at all" if it were closed for the wrestling match.

Instead, he said he would enjoy attending the special event.

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