Cheering Fans Should Realize Other Community Members Attend Games

by Laurie Welch | 10/30/98 6:00am

To the Editor:

This is in response to both letters to the editor [The Dartmouth, Oct. 27 and Oct. 29] regarding the behavior of soccer fans at the games.

I think it is wonderful that students and community get out and cheer on the Dartmouth team. It's a great event for all. We try to get to as many games as possible with our young children. We enjoy coming and watching Dartmouth go for the goal. However, I have to admit that when some choose to swear and insult anyone from any team, it is rather annoying and as a fellow Dartmouth fan, embarrassing. I disagree that good sportsmanship is for only the players and staff. Good sportsmanship off the field equates to manners anywhere else.

Dartmouth games are not just for the Dartmouth students; they are for the community that surrounds the school. You set an example (whether you realize it or not) for the youth in the area. My boys are proud of the Dartmouth team. By watching the games, they are encouraged to continue to do well in school as well as in sports. They realize and respect the commitment the team has made to both their academics and sports. But when they hear the profanity and the blasting of the other team, they don't understand because it goes against anything any coach ever has told them.

Just because World Cup soccer is violent, obnoxious and accepted as such (by some), doesn't make it right. Yes, it is your school and you should be able to cheer for Dartmouth as you please (to some extent). I ask that you simply look around before you choose words that might offend someone a few feet away from you.