UFC allots $460,000 for student activities

by Brad Russo | 11/21/97 6:00am

The Undergraduate Finance Committee distributed $460,000 in student activities fees to nine student organizations this week, and most of them will have larger budgets than last year.

The Collis Student Center Programming Board received the most money, receiving almost half of the UFC's total budget. The Programming Board traditionally receives the largest share of the UFC's funds. This year their allocation jumped nearly $20,000 to $227,000.

Dean of Student Life Holly Sateia said the increase resulted from "a shift from policy back to programming by the Collis Board. They want to make the student center more student-centered."

The Council of Student Organizations received $6,000 more this year for a total allocation of $62,000. COSO was given the increase since it will now fund all student publications, a role the Student Assembly used to help fill.

Even though the Assembly no longer funds student publications, its budget was increased from $24,000 to $28,000.

Reversing a downward trend, the UFC increased funding to the Coed Fraternity and Sorority Council by $1,300 to $6,300.

The UFC first met this year on October 13, and will have a full report on this year's allocations in the coming weeks. The UFC panel consists of student representatives from the nine main activity groups at The College as well as four at-large undergraduates.

The UFC makes recommendations to Sateia, who makes the ultimate decision about how to divide the money. Sateia said she has never altered a UFC decision.

The UFC panel was created in 1987 as a way for students to have input in how the student activity money is spent.

The nine student organization receiving funding from the UFC are the Coed Fraternity and Sorority Council, Class Council, Council of Student Organizations, the Athletic Department, Hopkins Center, Programming Board, Office of Residential Life, Student Assembly and the Student Life Office.