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February 25, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Petition demands Berry Changes

Joy Kenseth, the art history professor leading the movement to have the current plans for Berry Library modified, formally initiated a faculty petition yesterday, asking the College's Board of Trustees to halt action towards the construction of the library, which is currently scheduled to begin this spring.

Kenseth, along with other members of the Art History Department, sent an electronic-mail message to all academic departments asking professors to sign a petition -- which asks that the exterior design of the building be more closely considered before construction begins.

The exact language of the petition reads, "We the undersigned request the Board of Trustees to delay actions on the present plans for the Berry Library/Academic Center, especially its exterior design. We believe that it would be a serious misstep for the institution to move forward with the project as it stands. The building's exterior design should be rethought in light of the enormous impact it will have on the campus as a whole."

In addition to the petition, Kenseth said she and two other unnamed faculty members will express their concerns over the current plans for the library's exterior in a meeting with three members of the Board of Trustees tomorrow afternoon.

College Trustees Kate Stith-Cabranes -- the chair of the Trustee Committee on Educational Affairs and Facilities -- Stanford Roman and David Shipler agreed to meet with Kenseth after her request to address the full Board was denied last week.

Provost James Wright has said no changes can be made to architect Robert Venturi's design if construction is to begin as scheduled in the spring.