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May 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Jack-O escapes COSO derecognition

The Jack-O-Lantern humor magazine was able to escape derecognition by the Committee on Student Organizations, but its editors will need to fulfill stringent criteria if the publication is to continue to receive money from the student activities fund, COSO decided Wednesday.

When they apply for funding during Winter term, the Jack-O editors will need to demonstrate that they have a faculty advisor with a "high level of involvement with the publication," according to a statement from Director of Student Activities Linda Kennedy.

The Jack-O, which has been embroiled in controversy ever since it printed a "Dartmouth Review Dictionary" of offensive words and some "Eskimo Pick-Up Lines," also will be asked to change their editorial system to allow for greater control over writers by the editors.

The COSO statement also indicated that an apology should be included in the next issue of the Jack-O in addition to "some serious reflection of your understanding of the impact your previous attempts at satire and humor have had on the community."

The editors of the publication already apologized once to the community in a letter to the editor of The Dartmouth.

Members of COSO said funding will be contingent upon successfully carrying out the group's recommendations.

"If they want the funding, we want them to tell us what kind of improvements they will make," COSO member Brian Feldman '00 said.

As funding is set at the beginning of each term, the Jack-o-Lantern's funding will not be up for a review until Winter term.

COSO's recommendation that a non-student advisor work with the editors should not be seen as censorship, according to Jack-O-Lantern Editor-in-Chief Kevin Goddamn '99.

Goldman said change at the Jack-O is not irregular.

"The magazine is constantly changing," he said. "As we continue to change in the future, we will keep COSO's suggestions in mind," said Goldman.