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June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Chamber Singers, Glee Club sing it up

Last night at the Hopkins Center, Dartmouth bid a song-filled farewell to its graduating seniors.

Spaulding Auditorium reverbated with a symphony of sound as the Dartmouth Chamber Singers and the Dartmouth Glee Club performed in the annual Commencement choral concert.

The Chamber Singers took to center stage first with a program noteworthy for its a cappella nature and diversity of style.

The group took on Italian madrigals by American William Hawley, Rennaissance works by Englishmen Thomas Morely and Thomas Weelkes and a couple of French choral works by famed composer Claude Debussy.

Seniors stepped into the limelight on several occasions.

The works of Spanish composer Gaspar Fernandez featured the lovely voices of soloists Emily McConnnell '97 and Marie Pauline Esguerra '97. In a different vein, senior Padric Malinowski artfully conducted an English madrigal.

The Glee Club also created an eclectic program, culling favorites performed in the past year.

Works from Bach's "Magnificat" and Samuel Barber's "Reincarnations," for example, were selected from the Glee Club's fall and winter programs, respectively.

The Glee Club ended the evening on a high-spirited, rollicking note with some time-honored Dartmouth classics such as "Pea Green Freshmen," "Dartmouth Undying," the Alma Mater and "The Twilight Song."