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June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

With College help, publications thrive

Several student publications that received an infusion of extra money a few months ago from the Committee on Student Organizations were all able to publish at least one issue this term.

The Beacon, BLD, Cahiers du Dartma, Disquisitions, Snapshots of Color and Uncommon Threads all received COSO funding this term, Student Activities Director Linda Kennedy said.

One of the stipulations of the agreement that gave the publications extra money compelled them to print at least one issue on or before this past Wednesday -- and every publication managed to keep to the deadline.

The funding came after the editors of the Beacon, BLD, Jack o' Lantern, screed, and Uncommon Threads wrote a letter to Kennedy requesting more funds from the College in January.

Kennedy declined to say how much money each organization received.

In addition to direct monetary assistance, COSO also absolved the debts of several publications.

Adam Mirick '99, editor of the Beacon, said the conservative journal received about $250 from COSO this term and had their substantial debt absolved by the College.

Mirick said the funding was much needed.

"We received nothing before [this term]," Mirick said. He said the money was used to pay for the second of three issues published by the Beacon this term.

The other two issues were funded through advertising, he said.

Mirick said the absolution of the Beacon's debt released them from a haunting financial burden. The debt originated when the paper's founders had published longer, full-color issues, he said.

Mirick said he appreciated the College's understanding in not holding the present staff accountable for the actions of their predecessors.

This is also the first term Uncommon Threads has received funds from COSO, editor Kytja Weir '98 said in an electronic-mail message.

The collective journal received enough money to print 3,000 copies of their spring issue, 500 more copies than were published during winter term, Weir added.

The spring issue of Uncommon Threads, which was printed before the Wednesday deadline, will be distributed by tonight, she wrote.

The Jack o' Lantern humor magazine did not receive any additional funding this term because they missed the deadline to turn in their application by "an hour-and-a-half," publisher Nathan Chaney '00 said

However, the publication's debt was still canceled by COSO, Chaney said.

By soliciting advertisements and selling T-shirts, the staff of The Jack o' Lantern managed to pay for their Spring term paper, which came out yesterday.

Kennedy said COSO funds individual issues of each publication based on a form that each organization is required to fill out at the beginning of each term.

The form asks each organization to submit their respective "rock-bottom," "usual and customary," and "dream" budgets. It also asks questions about the objectives and editorial process of each publication.