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May 26, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

New group will focus on education

Members of the Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance this term formed Allies, a group which serves as a forum for gay and straight students.

Melanie Popper '99, a member of DRA who founded the group along with Elizabeth Gross '96 said one of the purposes of Allies is general education of the campus concerning gay issues.

Ruth Morgan '96, a member of Allies, said another purpose of Allies is to get people talking about issues on campus that deal with both gay and straight people. She said Allies will also help "bridge the gaps."

"I've seen how important coalition building can be across different communities," Morgan said.

Popper said in the past students had suggested that there should be an alliance between gay and straight students. She said some suggested such a group could provide some sort of cooperative interaction.

Popper and Morgan said Allies is planning a number of activities and projects for the year.

Popper said the group is planning to invite a gay speaker of color to speak at the College next year. She said Allies is also planning dances, a senior dinner for gay students that are graduating, and a hiking trip for both gay and straight students.

Morgan said Allies helped out during Gay Pride Week earlier this term and also organized a barbecue.

Popper said there are 60 students actively involved in Allies -- "and it is growing everyday."

Currently, Allies is not recognized by the Council on Student Organizations and does not have an advisor, Popper said. However, she said Allies is looking for an advisor for the Fall term.