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April 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Suicide vigil to be held

A group of the College's Area Coordinators have organized a candlelight vigil on the Green and a discussion tonight to address students' concerns about the recent suicides of four students.

Garrett Gil de Rubio '96, the AC for the Topliff-New Hampshire residence halls and an organizer of the event, said, "Many people are upset about the way things have been handled by the College or in the way people at Dartmouth are dealing with these tragic deaths."

"We hope to give those people a chance to bring these concerns up in a forum in which statements like those will be noted and recognized," he said.

Since July, Philip Deloria '96, Sarah Devens '96 and Marcus Rice '94 have committed suicide. Dan Boyer '94 committed suicide two years ago.

According to Gil de Rubio, the vigil will start at 7 p.m. and will be followed by a discussion in the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts.

Gil de Rubio said he, College President James Freedman, Student Assembly President Jim Rich '96 and Maryam Kia '96, the AC for the East Wheelock cluster will each speak briefly at the vigil.

He added that the discussion in the Top of the Hop will be led by ACs and not by College faculty or administrators.

"It is a student to student event," he said. "We, the ACs, are doing this for our fellow students to address their concerns."

Gil de Rubio said although the discussion will be student-led, a number of administrators including Freedman, Dean of the College Lee Pelton and Dean of Freshman Peter Goldsmith will be in attendance.

"Non-students will be in attendance, just to hear these concerns. It will, however, be students speaking and running the program," he said.

The vigil and discussion are being held in conjunction with the Student Assembly and Counseling Services.