Luxon to screen video Winter term

by Aaron Lisman | 11/17/95 6:00am

English Professor Thomas Luxon said he will not hold the second presentation of the "Hell Night" video and audio tapes until Winter term.

Luxon had originally planned to show the tapes by the end of this term, but said many people were too busy with papers and exams to shift their attention to anything other than school work.

Luxon said he was negotiating with sponsors to schedule the event sometime during the second week of Winter term. He previously told The Dartmouth that he would like to have administrators and faculty attend the event.

The video includes scenes from the secret initiation ceremonies of Hell Night at Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity in 1987. The audio tape is a recording of Hell Night at Alpha Delta fraternity in 1988.

At the original Oct. 18 screening of the video tape at Topliff lounge, Luxon cut off the video five minutes into the program and canceled the event because he said he was offended by comments he called "rude" and by a "general atmosphere of disrespect" on the part of some members of the audience.

Fraternity members have argued that the recordings are used unfairly to discredit their organizations, and are so old that they are no longer indicative of what happens during fraternity initiation ceremonies.

At the Oct. 18 screening, several fraternity members, who later said they thought Luxon came into the event with an anti-fraternity agenda, took issue with Luxon's presentation and told Luxon to stop giving them a running commentary of the video's content.

Luxon said he hopes to hold the next screening in a "room more conducive to respect and listening," and hopes that a greater cross-section of the College community will attend the event.

Luxon said in October that his decision to present the tapes again was influenced by "at least 20 people who asked me to do this," which included both administrators and students. He also said he "wants a chance to do it again to keep cool."