'Homophobic' incidents cause fear

by Michael Borden | 11/7/95 6:00am

To the Editor:

There have been several incidents of hate crimes taking place on this campus over the past week. On Halloween night, several persons went to a gay student's window, in which a rainbow flag was hanging, threw dirt at the flag and screamed ephitets at her window. Also another student, who has a gay friendly space sticker on her door, has been harrassed by students in her dorm. They have written slurs on her door and have torn down her message board repeatedly.

What is the school going to do about this? I would like to know. I am only a '99, but these incidents scare me. They bring in to question my own safety, and bring more insecurity into my life. Incidents like this have to stop, and my question to the masses is how will this be done.