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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Coleman '98 suffers lacerations, injuries

After being found in Russell-Sage residence hall early Saturday morning bleeding profusely, John Coleman '98 was taken to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and treated for various injuries, including a black eye and other facial lacerations.

Coleman was released from the emergency room at about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, according to Patty Nolette, the administrative coordinator on-sight at DHMC.

Coleman said yesterday he was treated for a black eye and other cuts and scrapes on his face and also received four stitches above his right eyebrow.

Peter Yoo '98, who initially discovered Coleman, said he could "see his skull" through Coleman's eyebrow.

Yoo said he found Coleman on the second-floor landing in Russell Sage at approximately 3 Saturday morning.

Yoo said Coleman had a "big bump" on his head, and probably a concussion.

"It was pretty clear he was disoriented," Yoo said. "I asked him 'How many figures am I holding up?' and he couldn't answer me."

Coleman also had cuts on both the front and back of his wrists, Yoo said.

"He was bleeding in a lot of places, particularly in his face," Yoo said. "He was holding his sweatshirt in his face trying to catch the blood so he wouldn't leave a trail." Still, Coleman's bleeding left a pool of blood on the carpet outside the second-floor bathroom of Russell Sage.

Yoo said he took Coleman into the bathroom, helped clean him up and stop some of the bleeding, and called for an ambulance. Within 10 minutes, Safety and Security, Hanover Police and an ambulance had responded to the call, Yoo said.

Coleman said he could not remember how he sustained his injuries. "Honestly, I hit my head, so I don't remember anything that happened," he said.

But Coleman said friends told him he had been in a fight, although he said he did not remember any such incident.

Yoo said Coleman appeared disoriented, but also seemed to indicate his injuries had not been caused accidentally.

"He made it pretty clear it wasn't accidental, but he never came out and said he had been jumped or anything," Yoo said.

A dispatcher for the Hanover Police said the police responded to a report of a "subject on the second floor" of Russell Sage with "various injuries" on Saturday, but made no mention of any investigation into the cause of the injuries.