College prepares for press onslaught

by Rini Ghosh | 6/11/95 5:00am

Students hoping to make newspaper headlines after graduation may have their dreams come true a little early, as myriad journalists plan on attending this year's Commencement ceremony June 11 to capture President Bill Clinton's speech.

"We are planning for 250 [journalists]," said College spokesman Alex Huppe.

Huppe said 75 journalists will comprise the White House press core, which will include representatives from all of the major daily newspapers, while the rest will be from local, regional and other areas.

Television reporters will also be present, Huppe said. "All the major networks will at least have someone up here to cover the feed."

He said the British Broadcasting Company and all of the Boston stations will send reporters to campus.

Although Huppe said several dorm rooms have been reserved for members of the press who decide to come up the night before Commencement, the majority of reporters will either arrange their own accommodations or wait until the morning to arrive.

Huppe said he sent out information about a credentialing process to the Associated Press, and the Dartmouth News Service will work in conjunction with the White House to issue proper credentials for the people who will cover the event.

In addition to a separate area in Memorial Field reserved for the press, a "media room [will be] set up in Leverone Field House," he said.

According to Huppe, the media room will have monitors available for viewing the ceremony, as well as numerous telephone lines and fax machines.

He said the fax machines will be provided so that reporters can file stories, and journalists will also have access to a press briefing room.

Two separate areas will be set up in the room -- one for the White House press core and one for the other reporters, Huppe said.

Huppe said he realizes media attention will be focused on Clinton's speech, but he hopes the rest of the ceremony will receive coverage as well.

"We hope they cover the whole thing," he said.

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