Alcohol task force finishes review

by Maggie Fritz | 6/27/95 5:00am

The College's alcohol task force will not release its final report until Aug. 1, after Dean of the College Lee Pelton has a chance to look over its contents, co-Chair of the Alcohol Task Force Dr. Jack Turco said yesterday.

Turco, who also heads the College's Health Services, said he would not comment on the task force's findings until the report was released.

The task force, which was chaired by Turco and Emily Jones '95, was scheduled to complete its report at the end of last term. Turco said the group has finished the report and presented it to Pelton.

Pelton created the task force last winter to examine the problems caused by alcohol at the College.

Pelton said the task force would examine four aspects of alcohol on campus: underage drinking, the effect of alcohol on gender relations, the College's alcohol programs, and the membership and charter of the College Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs.

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