Senior, accused of sexual assault, pleads not guilty

by Scott Anthony | 2/9/95 6:00am

Vikram Srimurthy '95 yesterday pleaded not guilty in Hanover District Court to the charge of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old freshman woman last month.

At yesterday's arraignment, Judge Joseph Daschbach said Srimurthy's sexual assault charge, a Class A misdemeanor, carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a fine of $2,000.

Srimurthy's trial will be held on March 8 in Hanover.

Hanover Police said Srimurthy allegedly engaged in "inappropriate and unwanted touching of the victim's body."

Srimurthy declined to comment.

According to the charge presented in court yesterday, Srimurthy allegedly went to the woman's room in New Hampshire residence hall, put his arm around her, forcibly pulled her onto her bed and fondled her breast through her clothing.

The police said Srimurthy, who previously worked for Kiewit Computation Center, allegedly went to the woman's room to help her with a computer problem.

Srimurthy told Judge Daschbach he had retained a lawyer but said afterwards he did not wish to name the lawyer.

Judge Daschbach told Srimurthy if he attempts to persuade any witness not to testify, he could submit himself to even more serious charges.

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