Thefts cause videos to move to Reserve

by Nick Gansner | 10/18/94 6:00am

Audio tapes for the English Department's Shakespeare 1 class have been moved this term from Sanborn English Library to the Baker Library Reserve Desk because students during the summer abused Sanborn's informal check-out system.

In the past, students could sign out the audio tapes on an informal basis from Sanborn for an unlimited time. Since the system was so informal, late returns were rarely a problem and fines were not given.

But several of the tapes were stolen this summer.

"Students were expected to sign out the tapes in an honorable and responsible fashion; some students did not," English Professor Peter Saccio, who taught the course Summer term, said.

The missing tapes were never signed out and despite pleas from Saccio, they were never returned.

Saccio said he then decided to move the tapes to Baker's Reserve Desk. The move was, "an expedient for that course," he said.

Students wishing to hear the tapes must now go to the reserve corridor, where the return policy is much stricter, the time given to listen to the tapes restricted and the penalty for late returns more severe.

The tapes can be checked out for four hours at a time, and students face a one dollar per hour late fee. If the tapes are checked out after 9 p.m., they are due at 8 a.m. the next morning. The Reserve Corridor generally opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 1 a.m.

Shakespeare students who have used the audio tapes this term said the move has been an inconvenience.

"It often takes more than four hours to get through the text -- and we have a quiz every Monday, so Sundays they are often hard to get," Daniel Kalafatas '96 said.

Kristen Jarosh '97 echoed Kalafatas' sentiments: "Because it's hard to get the work done in reserve, it's hard to know when they are available ... It would be easier if they at least had them at both locations."