'SA looks at dorms

by Maggie Fritz | 5/9/94 5:00am

A new Student Assembly committee on housing will examine the quantity, distribution and organization of the College's dormitories.

Formed last Thursday, the ad hoc committee will solicit information and opinions from students, administrators and other schools, John Honovich '97, co-chair of the committee, said.

The committee is divided into three sub-committees that are charged with examining different aspects of the housing system.

The distribution sub-committee will look at the lottery system, the process the Office of Residential Life uses to award student housing.

The quantity sub-committee will examine the shortage of campus housing, the feasibility of constructing a new dorm and the off-campus options available for students.

A third sub-committee, focusing on organization, will look at options for first-year housing, such as freshmen dorms.

The Committee on the First-Year Experience, chaired by Dean of the College Lee Pelton, is expected to recommend the creation of exclusive freshmen dormitories before the end of May.

Assembly Vice-President Steve Costalas '94, who is co-chair of the housing committee, said the committee will look at the portions of Pelton's report that deal with housing.

Members of the Assembly committee refuted suggestions that it is working to undermine Pelton's committee but expressed concern that it has not been communicative.

"I think that they've been a bit secretive," said Matthew Berry '94, who accused Pelton at last Tuesday's general Assembly meeting of having his own agenda.

Costalas said the Assembly committee will continue into Fall term.

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